Robot Welding

Many industrial robots are designed to perform specific tasks repeatedly, with no variation and a high degree of accuracy. This makes welding a particularly good aspect of production for use with robotics. At Custom Machines, Inc., we can devise a robot welder that will speed up your production while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

If simple repetitive actions are not what you need, let us design an intelligent robot system for you. We can integrate vision systems into our robotic cells to perform complex and varying actions. CMI is a leader in combining technologies, and we can put that experience to work for you.

Welding robots have been in use since 1969, when Victor Scheinman developed the Stanford arm. This was an electrically driven six-axis articulated arm. The use of six axes allowed for a much larger range of motion than ever before, including following arbitrary paths. This led the way to more sophisticated applications.

Today the Stanford arm seems a very simple machine. With the amazing computer technology at our disposal, even a simple mechanical system can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Our experienced staff can develop a customized program for your specific application. Robots can select, position and weld, and can be easily adapted to serve several purposes. We can work with you at whatever level you want, from initial design to turnkey installation. And with your increased productivity, welding robots will pay for themselves in no time!

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